The 10 Best EP/7" of 2015

Beach Slang / Here, I Made This For You

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
For Fans of: The Replacements, Japandroids, Jawbreaker.
Country: Philadelphia, US.
Label: Polyvinyl/Moorworks
Link: Official

Broadcaster / Spin

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
For Fans of: Sugar, Jawbreaker, Beach Slang.
Country: New York, US.
Label: Jump Start Records
Link: Facebook

falls / Wednesday

Genre: Indie/Emo/Powerpop
For Fans of: malegoat, Shipyards, offseason.
Country: Tokyo, Japan.
Label: Waterslide Records.
Link: ?

Review: falls / Wednesday (2015)


Genre: Pop
For Fans of: THE IDOLM@STER.
Country: Japan.
Label: 日本コロムビア
Link: Official

June And The Well / Gudiya

Genre: Indie/Emo/Rock
For Fans of: Miles Apart, Last Days Of April, Sunny Day Real Estate.
Country: Lecce, Italy.
Label: Waterslide Records
Link: Facebook

Review: June And The Well / June And The Well (2013)

Modern Baseball / The Perfect Cast EP

Genre: Indie Emo/Rock/Punk
For Fans of: Into It Over It, Dads, Dowsing.
Country: Pennsylvania, US.
Label: Lame-O Records.
Link: Facebook

No Summer / No Summer EP

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
For Fans of: Superchunk, Weston, Beach Slang.
Country: Pennsylvania, US.
Label:  Twin Wasp & Universal Warning Records.
Link: Facebook

ROAM / VIew Point EP

Genre: Pop Punk/Meldodic
For Fans of: The Story So Far, Neck Deep, Trash Boat.
Country: Eastbourne, UK.
Label: Hopeless Records
Link: Facebook

Starters / Starters EP

Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
For Fans of: Saves The Day, Caleb Lionhear, Crucial Dudes.
Country: Dublin, Ireland.
Label: Self-Release.
Link: Facebook

※Name Your Price

Tonota / Jonesing For Chips

Genre: Alternative/UK Melodic/Punk
For Fans of: Husker Du, Dinasour Jr, Sugar.
Country: Maidstone, UK.
Label: Fixing A Hole.
Link: ?

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