The Tie That Binds / Slowly Sinking Under (1996)

Rate: 8.6/10.0
Genre: Punk/Sad Melodic/Hardcore
For Fans of: Samiam, Two Line Filler, Lifetime.
Country: Texas, US. 
Label: One Foot.
Official: Myspace


The Scaries / The Scaries (2009)

Rate: 9.3/10.0
Genre: Emotional/Melodic/Punk
For Fans of: Hooton 3 Cars, Skimmer, The Miles Apart.
Country: North Carolina, US.
Official: Myspace


The 101's / For The Years (2014)

Rate: 8.6/10.0
Genre: Fast Pop Punk/Melodic Hardcore
For Fans of: Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far, Handguns.
Country: Eindhoven,  The Netherlands.
Label: White Russian Records, No Reason Records, No Panic! Records, I For Us Records.
Stream: Bandcamp
Official: facebook


Huffy / No High Five (1997)

Rate: 9.5/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Melodic/Punk
For Fans of: Husker Du, Samiam, Doughboys.
Country: Vermont, US.
Label: Metoo! Records.
Official: ?


Junk Monkeys / Bliss (1993)

Rate: 9.0/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Melodic/Punk
For Fans of: The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Goo Goo Dolls.
Country: Detroit, US.
Label: Metal Blade.
Official: ?


Amazing Tails / Daydreams For Adults (2008)

Rate: 8.8/10.0
Genre: Sad Melodic/Indie/Punk
For Fans of: Husker Du, Eversor, Sad Days Indeed.
Country: Oulu, Finland.
Label: SP Records.
Stream: Bandcamp
Official: Myspace


洋楽いいとこ取りコンピ 「"Late 90's - Early 00's" Hit Rock Songs vol.2」

今回は前回で紹介しきれなかったバンド・楽曲を紹介します。前回同様1995~2004年の間のリリースで、Billboardに載った事のあるヒットナンバーを中心に選曲しました。なるべくBillboard誌の中でもAlternative Songs(ex-Hot Modern Rock Tracks)やというカテゴライズでランクインしているものを選んでいます。なるべくですが。
洋楽いいとこ取りコンピ 「"Late 90's - Early 00's" Hit Rock Songs」

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