The 10 Best Albums of 2014 | World's On Heroin


Masked Intruder / M.I. (2014)

Rate: 9.7/10.0
Genre: Pop Punk/Punk/Powerpop
For Fans of: Chixdiggit!, Teenage Bottlerocket, Weezer.
Country: Wisconsin, US.
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Link: facebook

The No Marks / Light Of One (2014)

Rate: 9.3/10.0
Genre: UK Melodic/Punk
For Fans of: Down And Outs, Blocko, Chestnut Road.
Country: Cardiff, UK.
Label: Brassneck Records/Waterslide Records.
Link: facebook


Shipyards / About Lights (2014)

Rate: 9.5/10.0 
Genre: Alternative/Indie/Sad Melodic
For Fans of: Superchunk, The Promise Ring, Castevet.
Country: Tokyo, Japan.
Label: Waterslide Records.
Link: tumblr

Bob Mould / Beauty & Ruin (2014)

Rate: 9.2/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Rock/Guitarpop
For Fans of: Sugar, Superchunk, The Lemonheads.
Country: New York, US.
Label: Merge Records
Link: Official


For The Win / More Than You Know (2014)

Rate: 9.5/10.0
Genre: Modern Pop Punk
For Fans of: Hit The Lights, In Her Own Words, Neck Deep.
Country: California, US.
Label: ArteryRecordings.
Link: Official

Cigarette Crossfire / Cigarette Crossfire (2014)

Rate: 8.9/10.0
Genre: Sad Melodic/Hardcore
For Fans of: Leatherface, Manifesto Jukebox, Phoenix Foundation.
Country: Helsinki, Finland.
Label: Combat Industry/Waterslide Records.
Link: facebook

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