The Menzingers / On The Impossible Past (2012)

Rate: 9.0/10.0
Genre: Punk Rock/Alternative/Folk
For Fans of: Noise By Numbers, Red City Radio, The Gaslight Anthem.
Country: Pennsylvania, US.
Label: Epitaph


(Split) Conversation Zero x Tasmaniandevil Never Die / Stop & Go (2012)

Rate: 8.6/10.0
Country: Sendai, Japan.
Conversation Zero:
Tasmaniandevil Never Die:


Yellowcard / Southern Air (2012)

Rate: 8.7/10.0
Genre: Emo/Alternative/Pop Punk
For Fans of: Simple Plan, All Time Low, Valencia.  
Country: Florida, US.
Label: Hopeless/Kick Rock Invasion.


All The Young / Welcome Home (2012)

Rate: 7.9/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Indie/Rock
For Fans of: Mona, Sharks, Viva Brother.
Country: Stoke-on-Trent, UK.
Label: Warner Bros.


Lions Lions / To Carve Our Names (2012)

Rate: 8.9/10.0
Genre: Post Hardcore/Screamo/Punk
For Fans of: Therefore I Am, Vanna, Silverstein.
Country: Massachusetts, US.
Label: Hollywood Waste


The Darkness / Hot Cakes (2012)

Rate: 7.9/10.0
Genre: Gram/Hard Rock/Powerpop
For Fans of: Queen, Van Halen, Cheap Trick.
Country: Suffolk, UK.
Label: Canary Dwarf, Play It Again Sam, Wind-Up.

Mary Has A Gun / PM (2012)

Rate: 8.4/10.0
Genre: Pop Punk/Rock/Powerpop
For Fans of: Vanilla Sky, From Dawn To Fall, The Anthem.
Country: Bouches-du-Rhône, Fance.
Label: Bullion Records


(激PUSH盤) Cleave / The Circle EP (2012)

Rate: 9.3/10.0
Genre: Strong Melodic/Punk/Hardcore
For Fans of: Thrice/Rise Against/Hot Water Music
Country: Tokyo, Japan.
Label: Caffeine Bomb/Street Machen/Creator-Destructor/Townhall Records


Hands Like Houses / Ground Dweller (2012)

Rate: 8.4/10.0
Genre: Post Hardcore/Emo/Loud Rock
For Fans of: Closure In Moscow, Sleeping With Sirens, Built On Secrets.
Country:  Canberra, Australia.
Label: Rise Records

Boardroom Heroes / Another Year (2012)

Rate: 9.6/10.0
Genre: Punk/Melodic Hardcore
For Fans of: NOFX, Millencolin, Never Been Famous.
Country: Maryland, US.
Label: Sinking Ship Records


Best Coast / The Only Place (2012)

Rate: 8.1/10.0
Genre: Indie Pop/Surf/Garage
For Fans of: Wavves, Beach House, The Drums.
Country: California, US.
Label: Mexican Summer


Wake The Dead / Meaningless Expectations EP (2012)

Rate: 7.7/10.0
Genre: Modern Old School/Hardcore
For Fans of: Comeback Kid, Nine Eleven, Call To Victory.
Country: Marseille, France.
Label: Lockjaw Records


The Rocket Summer / Life Will Write The Words (2012)

Rate: 8.2/10.0 
Genre: Powerpop/Pop Rock/
For Fans of: The Fray, Jack's Mannequin, The Morning Of.
Country: Texas, US.
Label: Aviate Records


Hyro Da Hero / Birth, School, Work, Death (2012)

Rate: 8.3/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Mixture/Post Hardcore
For Fans of: Rage Against The Machine, At The Drive In, Limp Bizkit.  
Country: Los Angels, US.
Label: Vinyl Junkie Recordings/Stereo Bang Media


Lit / The View From The Bottom (2012)

Rate: 7.3/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Pop Rock/Post Grunge
For Fans of: Buckcherry, Marvelous 3, Bowling For Soup.
Country: California, US.
Label: Megaforce


Everclear / Invisible Stars (2012)

Rate: 8.0/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Rock/Powerpop
For Fans of: Sugar Ray, Lit, Better Than Ezra.
Country: Oregon, US.
Label: E1 Music/DO IT Records

Futures / The Karma Album (2012)

Rate: 7.9/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Emo/Indie Rock
For Fans of: Jimmy Eat World, Twin Atlantic, Francesqa.
Country: Buckinghamshire, UK.
Label: Indigo



【 ハンドル名 】:イデさん
【 ホームページURL 】:
【 年 代 】:20~29歳
【 性 別 】:男性
【 貴方がオススメするシーンは?(国か地域をお書き下さい) 】:
80's Oxnard

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【 ハンドル名 】:つぼさん
【 ホームページURL 】:
【 年 代 】:10~19歳
【 性 別 】:男性
【 貴方がオススメするシーンは?(国か地域をお書き下さい) 】:

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