Four Year Strong / Go Down In History (2014)

Rate: 9.1/10.0
Genre: Pop Punk/Hardcore/Easycore
For Fans of: A Day To Remember, Set Your Goals, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!.
Country: Massachusetts, US.
Label: Pure Noise/ICE GRILL$
Link: Official


Only Crime / Pursuance (2014)

Rate: 8.6/10.0
Genre: Melodic/Hardcore/Punk
For Fans of: Black Flag, Rise Against, Good Riddance.
Country: US.
Label: Rise Records. 
Link: facebook


Hooligans / Heroes of Hifi (2013)

Rate: 8.6/10.0
Genre: Pop Punk/Easycore/Metalcore
For Fans of: Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Country: Texas, US.
Label: Unsigned.
Stream: Bandcamp (Name Your Price)
Link: facebook


Neck Deep / Wishful Thinking (2014)

Rate: 8.4/10.0
Genre: Pop Punk
For Fans of: The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Roam.
Country: North Wales, UK.
Label: Hopeless Records/Kick Rock Invasion.
Link: Official


Fullcount / Concessions & Compromises (2014)

Rate: 9.0/10.0
Genre: Fast Melodic/Hardcore/Punk
For Fans of: A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, Cambridge.
Country: Quebec, Canada.
Label: Unsigned.
Stream: Bandcamp
Link: facebook


Torches To Triggers / Modern Day Monsters (2014)

Rate: 8.1/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Melodic/Punk
For Fans of: Strung Out, This Is A Standoff,Thrcie.
Country: Alberta, Canada.
Label: PS Entertainment/Bells On/Bird Attack.
Link: facebook


The Lawrence Arms / Metropole (2014)

Rate: 8.7/10.0
Genre: Indie/Meloic/Punk Rock
For Fans of: Alkaline Trio, Banner Pilot, Samiam.
Country: Chicago, US.
Label: Epitaph Records.
Link: facebook

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