Due North / Saving Daylight (2014)

Rate: 9.4/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Punk/Rock
For Fans of: The Replacements, The Gaslight Anthem, Sharks. 
Country: Michigan, US.
Label: Unsigned.
Stream: bandcamp (Name Your Price)
Link: facebook

Lucero / Women & Work (2012)

Rate: 8.7/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Southern Rock/Country
For Fans of: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Drag The River, Drive-By Truckers.
Country: Tennessee, US.
Label:  ATO Records/Loose Music
Link: Official Site 

The Tower And The Fool / How Long (2012)

Rate: 9.0/10.0
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk/Country
For Fans of: Counting Crows, Lucero, Wilco.
Country: Rhode Island, US
Label: Run for Cover Records
Link: facebook 

Lucero / That Much Further West (2003)

Rate: 9.8/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Counry/Indie Rock
For Fans of: The Replacements, Wilco, The Gaslight Anthem. 
Country: Tennessee, US. 
Label: Tiger Style Records
Link: Official Site


Farside / Rigged (1994)

Rate: 9.5/10.0
Genre: Alternative/Emo/Melodic Punk
For Fans of: Sense Field, Samiam, Moving Targets.
Country: California, US.
Label: Revelation Records.
Link: facebook


We The Kings / Somewhere Somehow (2014)

Rate: 7.9/10.0
Genre: Powerpop/Pop Punk/Electro
For Fans of:  Boys Like Girls, Sing It Loud, Summer Set.
Country: Florida, US.
Label: Ozone Entertainment/Kick Rock Invasion.
Link: Official Site


洋楽いいとこ取りコンピ 「Kissの日らしいので"Kiss"の入るPunkソング集めてみました」



A Wilhelm Scream / Partycrasher (2013)

Rate: 8.9/10.0
Genre: Fast Melodic/Hardcore/Punk 
For Fans of: Strung Out, Atlas Losing Grip, Polar Bear Club.
Country: Massachusetts, US.
Label: No Idea Records.
Official: Facebok


HDQ / Sinking (1989)

Rate: 8.7/10.0
Genre: Sad Melodic/Alternative/Punk
For Fans of: Leatherface, Dag Nasty, Exit Condition.
Country: Sunderland, UK.
Label: Boss Tuneage.
Official: facebook


Broken Few / Concision (2011)

Rate: 8.7/10.0
Genre: Screaming Melodic/Punk
For Fans of: Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, In Bear Country
Country: Sunderland, UK.
Label: Worn Thin Records.
Official: facebook


洋楽いいとこ取りコンピ 「Easycore/Pop Punkバンドを集めてみました その2」



洋楽いいとこ取りコンピ 「Easycore/Pop Punkバンドを集めてみました その1」

Easycoreが爆発的に盛り上がり始めた00年代後半から2010年位までのEasycore、あるいは力強いサウンドのPop Punkバンドを幾つか紹介したいと思います。

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